Hartford Yacht Club Bungee

Hartford Yacht Club

Organized and Incorporated Since 1895

Board of Governors

Flag Officers

  Commodore: Gary J Kelly Commodore@hartfordyachtclub.com
  Vice Commodore: Jim Civitillo VCommodore@hartfordyachtclub.com
  Rear Commodore: Dave Cabrera RCommodore@hartfordyachtclub.com
  Secretary: Kevin Thibodeau Secretary@hartfordyachtclub.com
  Treasurer: Dave Houle Treasurer@hartfordyachtclub.com

Commodore Emeritus

  Joe Ferrante    

Board Members at Large

  Frank Cooper    
  Frantz Jacques    
  Dave Shepard    
  Kris Zadrozny    
  Todd Emery    
  Eric Kornburst    

Committee Heads

  Dock Chairman: Mark Fantone  
  Membership Chairman: Steve Perriolat  
House: Open
  Entertainment: Gary Winick  


Mailing Address:

The Hartford Yacht Club
PO Box 87
South Glastonbury, CT 06073-0087

Phone Number: (860) 633-9669